Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Telling the family and a MN reception

It's now the end of May and I still haven't told my family about Matt. It's not that I didn't want to, I just wasn't sure how to tell them...well, wait...Hilary and Nic knew, but only by default, as Suzy - the one whose Facebook wall we met on - is one of Hilary's good friends from her time on the ship Anastasis. But telling my parents and Nate and his new wife Heidi meant that it was real. And real is good, but then if anything happened and it didn't go any further then just being friends and talking on the computer...every day...and saying things like "I love you"...then I would have to tell them again, but it would be harder. So, just waiting until, until, until, who knows when until...

And the perfect opportunity came up. Nate and Heidi were coming home to MN to have a wedding reception at my parents for those from MN who were unable to make the trek to Maine for their winter wonderland wedding in January (a couple photos below!) A chance to tell them all at the same time and have a nice family conversation with everyone.

It was great to have Nate and Heidi in town! We spend 3 nights watching the ENTIRE final season of LOST at my place as we got ready for the series finally together. How fun! We also took a family canoe trip down the St. Croix and had a cook out at Nic and Hil's with some of Nate's friends.

After his friends took off it was just the family it goes...I told them. And how does one tell their family that they met a guy online and he lives in the UK and, oh right, you live in MN and in the 2 months that you have known each other you have fallen in love. Ha! Basically like that. :) Yep! Nate instantly wanted to become friends with him on Facebook and look at all his photos. And we just had a brief talk about it and it was late and we all went home. Whew! Easier then I thought.

The following week was another crazy one in Linseyland...Monday was a day off because it was Memorial Day, so I spent the bulk of it working on the RAMS Theatre awards and slideshows, and a presentation for our director who was retiring as well as spending a good chunk of time talking to Matt. The awards show went off without a hitch! But because I was up so late finishing up and I had never fully recovered from my previous illness I got sick...again...and this time worse!

Friday night was a family night at my parents helping Nate and Heid get ready for the reception the following day. As I laid on the bed talking to Matt on Skype on Friday afternoon he kept telling me I shouldn't go. I was too sick...he was going to call Hilary and tell her not to come pick me up and leave me home, alone to recoup. But that didn't happen...which was good, because I got to spend the evening, albeit quite ill, in the kitchen at mom and dads talking to mom, Hil and Heid about Matt and it was lots of fun.

Saturday was the reception and unfortunately for Nate and Heidi it rained. Bummer. But we pushed through, made 100's of Curried chicken salad sandwiches, loads of mini chocolate eclairs and greeting family and friends for hours. It was lots of crazy fun, but I don't remember a whole lot of what else happened because I felt like I was going to fall over the entire day. (Sorry Nate and Heidi...) I do know that I did get to sneak away and talk on the phone to Matt for about 30 minutes towards the end of the party. Yay!

So, in one week...I watched an entire season of LOST, told my family about this guy from overseas that I had yet to meet in person, but was totally falling head over heels for, created and presented a presentation for the RAMS Theatre, got incredibly sick and helped run a wedding reception. Yikes! Linseyland...sometimes it's a crazy place to be!
Mom and Dad making snow angels

Yep. We road in on dresses...

Heidi - the radiant bride!
Nate - the mountain man groom

The snow stage where they got married
Marital bliss...

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  1. I'm loving your story Linsey! Can't wait to read more. The photos are great.