Monday, August 8, 2011


Sorry for the delay in the blog writing, but both Linsey and I have been very distracted, with work, theatre and each other! ;-) . Normal service will return soon, we promise

Now, all the previous blog entries have been about the early the part of our relationship, and we will go back there and fill in the missing details, however we've had some new developments in the Visa application process - so this is to bring everyone upto date with the current situation.

The visa that I have applied for is known as a K1 Visa, this allows me entry to the United States for a period of 90 days, with the intention of getting married.  Once the marriage takes place, I can then apply for a change of status and get what's known commonly as a "Green Card", allowing me residency.

The application for a K1 visa is split into 2 main parts, the first part is the filing of a Petition by a US citizen (in this case Linsey) seeking permission for the alien benficiary (me) to be allowed to apply for a K1 visa.

Linsey submitted the petition (and there is a whole other story there, with getting it all ready) at the end of March 2011.  We then proceeded to hear nothing (except for a notification of recipet) until the begining of July, when while she was visiting me in the UK, Linsey checked the USCIS website. There was movement!

The website stated that a request for furher information had been sent (they wanted proof we had met), and that we had until the deadline to submit this additional information. Hang on, when's the deadine?  A quick phonecall from the UK to USCIS in the US, and we're told "the deadline date is in the notice request we have mailed out, sorry but we can't tell you over the phone!"

Linsey has had all her mail held by USPS while she's in the UK, so how can we get the notice. 10mins on the internet, we've unblocked her mail and her Mom is going to drive over to Linsey's house and sort through it.

It turns out, once we taken a look at the notice, we have until September to submit the extra info - whew!! :-)  - but once back in the US Linsey sends the extra evidence to USCIS (we have all the documents to hand) and we wait with baited breath. The indication is that it could take up to 60 days to process.

July 28 2011 - 8 days after Linsey sends the extra information we get told  - "Approved"!!! There is a huge sigh of reflief from both of us. We had both felt like pressure cookers, and we can now relax for a short period.

So what's next, well USCIS have now forwarded the approval notice onto the National Visa Center.  The NVC will create a new case file, and forward it onto the US Embassy in London - this could anything from 4 to 10 weeks.

In the mean time I have to do the following:
1) Renew my passport (for my benefit - not a requirement)
2) Apply for a copy of my Police Record - Hopefully blank ;-) 
3) Have a medical with the embassy approved Doctor (I require my case number for this)

and finally, 5) Have a immigration interview at the Embassy - with hopefully a visa at the end of it.

So there is still lots to do - most of it now in the UK. But are are still on schedule and are still planning on completing for me to come over either November or Decemeber, but we will update as things move.

I will now let Linsey get back to telling our story (including the most unromantic marriage proposal ever!)