Monday, April 11, 2011

My favorite "Book"

For those of you who know me well you know that I LOVE to read. Although this last year I haven't read nearly as much as I have in the past...I wonder why? ;)

That being said I am one of those girls, if there are "those" kinds of girls out there like me, that measures the size of their purse to make sure it will be large enough to fit a book in it. I am never without my current read. Heaven forbid my car break down, I get stuck waiting for an appointment, my dinner date is late, or I am anywhere I have to wait and don't have my book.

I have loved to read from a young age and it has also been a dream of mine that whoever a meet and marry enjoy reading as well. You know the scene from Beauty and the Beast...the one where he brings her to the library? *Sigh* - and then interject a joke about me needing to push up my glasses off the bridge of my nerdy nose from my sister. It's ok. I'm strong enough in who I am to know that reading IS cool! And that my vocabulary can prove otherwise.

One of the very first things we came to realize about each other in that we had in common was our love for reading. (Yes Hilary! I am a nerd! There I said it! This whole post is about reading...ok?) So...
a few weeks after we had started spending loads of time talking on Google talk and then Skype I threw a question out there. What if we started reading together? Out loud? On Skype? It was something I had always wanted to do with whoever I was in a relationship with. And even though it had only been a few weeks it felt like the right time to interject something new...seeing as all we really could do is sit and stare at a computer screen and talk.

Then answer...YES! and Whew! I was relieved. So we started reading our first of Matt's favorites, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It was fun to read together. It was quite enjoyable to sit on my couch and either read to Matt or be read to (especially since he has such a great British accent.) It also gave us additional things to talk about. Language for instance. Apparently, according to him I speak American, while he, from the native land where the language was forged and formed for centuries, speaks true English. (Another post, for another day, in and of itself.)

It also meant that we had a secret. And secrets, secrets are so fun!

If you are friends with me on Facebook you would have noticed about a year ago how very into a certain Book I was.  My status would be about missing my Book. Or waiting to get home to read my Book. Or how I was busy so my Book was being ignored. Let's just say, cat out the bag and all, that My Book was code word for Matt. A little note to him to tell him that I missed talking to him. That I was excited to talk to him later. That I was sorry that I was so busy with the spring play that I was unable to spend time with him. It was lots of fun posting those messages on Facebook knowing that he got it and understood.

Over the last year we have read 5 books together. That might not seem like a lot, but it has been terribly fun! We still read and I look forward to the weekends when we have longer periods of time to spend together so we can fit some reading in. I also look forward to the day when we will be able to read together, in person, sitting side by side on the couch. It is still nice to dive into a book on my own. To carry my entertainment around in my purse with me to have at the ready whenever I might need it. But there is nothing like hearing the story come to life from the mouth of someone you love and love to spend time with. (I started a list of the books we have read together below at the bottom of the blog in general. I know it's nerdy...but I like nerdy!)

It's the little things in life that are truly what bring fun to the every day norm. Reading...yes, I did it a lot before I met Matt. I still read. But now reading is something different. Something to look forward to for a different reason other than escaping to a different world. Now I have someone to escape with...but also someone to come back into reality to. English gets better every day!


  1. Only 5 books - I think you missed one, what about "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"? ;-)

    Also FYI our current reading project is "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman

  2. So we have read Blue like Jazz. I read the Shack. We bought the girl with the Dragon Tattoo a long time ago, but neither of us have read it yet. Maybe we should read it together! :) Enjoy this beautiful weather Linsey!