Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer ends, fall begins and tickets to the US

Dad was out of the hospital and at home doing his therapies. Thanks to some great family friends dad had a workout bench built especially for him and set up in the living room so there was easy access for his workouts and therapies. Both my aunts also came down for a week at a time to help out with the first couple of weeks he was home.

As difficult and scary things had been our family clung to our faith and talked about how important it was to hold onto to it tightly. No one asks for illness to strike their family. No one desires to go through a trauma, but I truly believe it's your attitude through it that keeps you going.  There were many times I wanted to just give up and doubt, but it was dad's great attitude through it all that really, truly kept us together. His strength in his own faith was the light that shown on all of us as we walked through the fog this past summer. Thank you dad for keeping the faith and showing us how to as well! I love you!

Being August work was really kicking off for me since school was just around the corner. Matt's company asked him to stay for an additional month and he accepted while he continued to look for another job. August being so busy meant that it went by quickly and before you know it the month was over, school was about to start and Matt was still without a job. A scary place to be. It was the last week i August and Matt got a call from an agency about a job opportunity. If I remember correctly, the call came on Tuesday, Wednesday he went in for an interview, Thursday they had him come out to the company to take a look around, Friday was his last day at his job at S&I and Monday he started his new job at Cameron's. Whew! But God had provided at the right time.

The new job was a contracted job for 6 months and with me coming at Christmas and him taking the entire time off we were finding it hard to find a time for him to come over to the US. My work schedule at the school and in the RAMS Theatre program is a hard one to work around for vacations at random times. The calendar for the school year is pretty set and once we start a show I'm in rehearsals for the duration of the 6-8 weeks of production time.

I believe it was sometime in the beginning of October that we had the discussion of Matt coming over at Thanksgiving for a few days...and another set of tickets were purchased! Matt would be having his first American Thanksgiving!

The next couple of months were chaotic with rehearsals, tech, and performances for my directorial debut in the RAMS Theatre. And it all went off with a smash! It was lots of fun...just one thing missing, Matt sitting in the audience. He had heard enough about it over the 2 months, but unfortunately he wasn't able to actually see it in person.

And the countdown to Thanksgiving 2010 began...

*Shortest entrance so far, but watch for the next entrance...the first time we met in person... :)

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